Local Crop for April & My Pinterest Boards

Okay, this is almost redundant, since I’ve put a link to it in my permanent column on the right, but I’m kind of excited about the boards I’m creating on Pinterest. In particular, my Dies I Have board will be great for giving people an idea of the shapes I can cut for kits and special orders. Plus, it will give my local crafting buddies a place to see what I can bring to crops or what they can pop on over to my house to cut.

It’s time for another local crop. Here is the info:
Saturday April 12, 2014
10am to 5pm
LDS Church on White Mountain Blvd in Rock Springs

Hi ladies! Let’s get together for a special crop in April. I’m calling it the Spring Cleaning Swap Challenge. It will be like the usual crop, just sitting, talking, and working on whatever projects you want to bring. But we’re going to add something fun to the mix with a swap challenge! Let’s all make a dent in our paper stashes by bringing patterned paper to swap. Everyone who wants to participate in this portion of the day needs to contribute 10 sheets of patterned paper. Then you get to take out 10 sheets from the big pile of paper, but we’ll take turns picking one at a time until it’s all gone. Anyone who has more paper to swap can have another round of swapping. We can have as many rounds as you want, just as long as everyone puts in and takes out the same number of sheets of paper each round. I’ll have 10 samples of things you can quickly do with a 12×12 sheet of paper featuring the dies I will bring that day. If you want, we can even vote on who makes the cutest project with their swapped paper. Should be fun, hope to see you there!

P.S. As usual, feel free to bring a treat or snack to share. Thanks!

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