OWH – Glitter & Dimensionals

Well,it’s always good to be reminded of OWH card standards. Here’s a good discussion of glitter and OWH cards: http://operationwritehome.org/owhtv-week-120-dimension-and-glitter/. Glitter is dangerous to heroes abroad, because it easily rubs off on them and makes them visible to night vision goggles. I’d made these cards, thinking Stickles was okay, but I wasn’t sure so I posted a question on the OWH Facebook page. Stickles is still too “leaky” when it comes to glitter, but it turns out I could fix it with Diamond Glaze (Glossy Accents is the same thing) and I put it on liberally then rubbed the cards when it was dried to be sure. Here’s my fixed card that I made at Mary’s:

I cut this with my custom AccuCut A2 die, one of my new ones. Love it!!

There’s also a great OWH video on dimensionals, made me rethink some of the cards I’ve done. I’ll have to fix a couple, the brads and layers are too thick:

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