I’m Baaaack!!!

Yes, I dropped off the face of the planet nearly a year ago. I got myself in too deep with my inventory and projects and blew an epic fuse in my go-to brain right around Thanksgiving. It’s taken me that long to recover and get my act together so I can start doing, with the die cuts and kits portion of my business, what I have envisioned all along. I won’t bore you with the details of my mental health, so let’s just jump right in to the fun stuff!!

One of my new goals is to take my hoarder-level collection of rubber stamps and convert them from wood-mount to cling-mount. I haven’t counted my stamp sets yet, but it’s got to be over 200 sets, and hundreds of individual stamps. I figure if I do one set a day, on average, then I should have them done in a year or two (gaaaah, I have too many stamps!). Plus, I want to make myself do at least one card a day, on average. I’m sure there will be crazy days when I just can’t get even one done, but I’m willing to take averages instead of outright perfection. This way, I’ll start using all those darn stamps and get some more cards done for OWH (Operation Write Home).

Here’s the card I did today:

A fold-and-tuck card, decorated with my custom leaf die cuts and stamped with “Every Leaf Fluttering” G2-9902-F by Inky Antics. The patterned paper is definitely My Mind’s Eye, but it’s from an older line, and I don’t know the name. I really like its understated elegance, though, and nice rich neutral tones.

You can see how the fold-and-tuck looks.

The inside. I also die cut a mat to go with it, to provide space to write a note.

I’ll work on the links for the die shapes to add to my shape listings, will update this post later.

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