OWH – Glitter & Dimensionals

Well,it’s always good to be reminded of OWH card standards. Here’s a good discussion of glitter and OWH cards: http://operationwritehome.org/owhtv-week-120-dimension-and-glitter/. Glitter is dangerous to heroes abroad, because it easily rubs off on them and makes them visible to night vision goggles. I’d made these cards, thinking Stickles was okay, but … Continue reading

OWH Box #2

I cut a double-liner for heroes (OWH lingo – military service members) to write home extra-long notes to family and friends. Shipped my second box of OWH cards. Whew! Probably just barely made the Oct 31 deadline for Christmas cards. I got the OWH email receipt on the 30th, so … Continue reading

Operation Write Home

Funny how you can find something, and it’s instant KISMET.  That’s what happened to me on Sunday morning, September 9, 2012.  I was hunting on the ‘net, looking for pages that would answer the question, “What is the point of 6×6 paper pads?”  Well, I got some good answers which … Continue reading

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