WCMD Freebie and Special

Today is World Card Making Day, and I have some special offers. I will keep the special running until Monday evening, October 6.

FREEBIE – Here’s how it will work. I will mail a nice card die cut (better than just a folded rectangle) to you in an envelope if you will give me an address to ship to. You can leave it in the comments section (which I moderate, so you can comment and request I delete it after I copy it down so that no one else can see it), or send me an email or text (click on the About Me tab above for contact info). And I promise not to share your info with anyone, you don’t even have to leave a name, just an address. The only thing I ask in return for the freebie is that you visit my eBay store at http://stores.ebay.com/Beckys-Craftroom. This is just honor system, and you certainly don’t have to purchase anything. Just spreading the word about my eBay store. Thanks for looking!! Becky

A2 CARD GRAB BAG – I am offering a great deal on a grab bag of A2 Cards, all of them are non-standard shapes beyond the basic A2 rectangle, but measure 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ at their widest points. It’s on sale for $9.95 and includes the envelopes and free shipping. You can find it in my eBay store – Item # 141428934111 A2 Card Grab Bag:

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