Here are all the die shapes I have ordered since September. They’ve probably almost doubled what I had before. Maybe. Gives you an idea of how many dies I still need to add to my blog! The shapes you see that have a rounded square or rounded rectangle cut from them are Convertible dies, meaning other dies fit inside them to form windows or frames. You can pretend the square or rectangle isn’t there to see it as a solid shape, or you can ask about what shapes I have that can be cut as windows or inner shapes to make frames. If the shapes have sharp, crisp inner squares cut from them, they are ones where it does cut that shape as a completed frame. Here goes:

Die Collection 1

Die Collection 2

Die Collection 3

Die Collection 4

Die Collection 5

Die Collection 6

Die Collection 7

Die Collection 8

Die Collection 9

Die Collection 10

Die Collection 11

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