A2 Pocket Card – New!!

AS0050, AS0053, F0001
Stamped image from Stampin’ Up! Everyday Expressions set

I love my AccuCut A7 Pocket Card, but since joining the OWH effort, I have been really focused on A2 cards. So I had an A2-size Pocket Card made and now it’s here. Wahoo! And of course, it’s Convertible as well so I can use all my great 3″ Convertible inserts in them. Fun!

AS0051, AS0053, F0001, F0002
Stamped image from Stampin’ Up! set Flower Factory

My daughter made this great card to give to the girls in her group at church. Super-cute! On this one, there is a square window, which allows you to see the flower stamped on the insert. Peek-a-boo!

AS0051, F0001
Leaf stamped image from Stampin’ Up! Fall Fun set, greeting from Heartfelt Creations HCPC3354 Classic Message set.

These are the prototypes I made for my first OWH box. Must make more! To make the insert, I started with a folded 8.5″x11″ paper, folded to 4.25″x11, then placed the fold line just barely inside of AS0053 A2 Pocket Card Insert. Wa-lah! A folded card insert.

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